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Our approach makes the path for crafting story-driven content

intuitive, efficient and rewarding for every client we serve.

Getting there with SurroundStories

Our path for bringing your stories to life

Here’s the typical development process SurroundStories takes for the stories we help you bring to life (click each step below for details)

How will we tell your story?


Offers a condensed story on a particular individual, entity or topic.

  • Produce a themed series of special topic short stories.

  • Feature a montage of multiple contributing voices collectively sharing their thoughts and perspectives.

  • Allow professionals/work teams to provide a story-driven profile of their role, career, education, accomplishments, etc.


Shares a longer, more revealing story or profile on a particular subject, individual or entity.

  • Chronicle the origins and evolution of a particular business, startup, cause or individual.


Tells compelling, day-in-the-life stories or accounts about someone or something.

  • Share memorable, evocative stories about clients, customers or events.

  • Offer authentic stories about employees, their jobs and their lives inside and outside work.

  • Capture the true value of your company’s culture, programs and services.

Point of View

Delivers a focused perspective on a particular topic, supported by engaging stories.

  • Allow thought leaders or innovators to share knowledge and lessons learned.

  • Allow entrepreneurs and startups to articulate their ideas and concepts.

  • Enable anyone to share their own ideas, philosophies and anecdotes.


Allows an individual or entity to share one or a series of immersive, multi-layered stories and perspectives to help capture the essence of their brand.

  • Enable businesses and organizations to define their values, celebrate their culture and humanize their brand.

  • Deliver a detailed point of view on a particular trend, topic, industry or other subject.

SurroundStories helps you explore different storytelling genres that can creatively reflect your brand and support your strategies.

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