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For thought leaders and innovators

SurroundStories can help you articulate ideas that convey your passion and point of view to influential audiences everywhere. Tell stories about:

Your ideas

  • New product, service concepts

  • Real world applications

Your vision

  • What’s next and why

  • Industry trends, insights

Your inspirations

  • Groundbreaking innovations

  • Individuals, entities you admire

Our creative teams help you craft all kinds of narrative-driven content that resonates with your audiences —

and strategically supports your broader brand, content marketing and other communication initiatives.

Tell stories they'll see, hear, feel.

For company executives and brand builders, entrepreneurs and start-ups, non-profits and other causes

SurroundStories can help you convey the essence of your brand, purpose, mission and culture. Tell stories about:

History and culture

  • Founder profiles, company lore

  • Your mission, values at work

  • Your culture, people at work

  • Employee perspectives

Strategy and vision

  • Where you are, what’s ahead

  • What’s driving change

  • Industry trends

  • Leadership perspectives

Clients and customers

  • Company philosophy

  • Best practices at work 

  • Compelling testimonials

  • In-depth success stories

Story ideas we can help you tell

For employers and employees

SurroundStories helps convey the intangibles of your employer brand, and uncover stories about company-sponsored programs and services that dramatically impact employees’ lives—inside and outside work. Tell stories about:

Benefits, learning & development

  • Company philosophy

  • Employee, family stories

  • Plans and services at work

  • Supporting growth, advancement


  • Welcome from leaders, employees

  • What to expect

  • Advice, recollections


  • What makes your culture different

  • Pursuing top talent

  • Offering unique opportunity

Community service and involvement

  • Company philosophy

  • On-the-ground efforts, initiatives

  • Employees making an impact


  • Employees making a difference 

  • Going above and beyond

  • New ideas and contributions

Diversity and inclusion

  • Embracing diversity

  • Empowering employees

  • Company values at work

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